OFFICIAL: Chelsea Sign Rennes Goal Keeper Edward Mendy for £22M

It has been a frustrating 2yrs for Chelsea’s goal keeper ‘Kepa Arizabalaga’ who is also the most expensive goal keeper in the history of Football. Kepa Arizabalaga has not been convincing over the years and Frank Lampard have been forced to make a move for Rennes goal keeper Edward Mendy. According to report,. Frank Lampard revealed that Petr Cech was prominent figure in Chelsea’s Decision to sign Edward Mendy from Rennes and reveals that he learns heavily on his Former team mate for goalkeeping advice.

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Mendy completed his Medicals Yesterday ahead of £22m move from Rennes is set to move to Chelsea and compete With Kepa Arizabalaga who has not been convincing over the years. The African magician will arrive from Rennes and that is the same club that Chelsea sign Petr Cech from in 2004.

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Cech went on to Win 13 major Trophies in 11yrs at Stanford Bridge.


Can Edward Mendy be the Next Petr Cech?

chelsea Goal Keeper Edward Mendy

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