Messi Blasts Barcelona After The Departure Of Teammate Suarez

Lionel Messi is not holding back and his speech after the exit of Suarez prove

This is not the Barcelona we use to know before. There’s something wrong in the team.

We’ve seen players like Rakitic, Vidal, and now Suarez leaving the club after many years of services.

Rally Trade

We all know what transpired between the six times Baloon d’Or winner and the Spanish giant.

One thing I learned in this world is that, if God wants to befall a man, he will first takeaway his good character.



I think that’s what happening to the Catalonia at the moment, they might later regret all these trash they’re doing.



Obviously, the squad average age is 32 which enforce the new manager Ronald Koeman to build a new structure but that doesn’t warrant you to treat them this way



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