Good news to the soccer world: Premier League Calls On Government To Open Stadiums On 1 October

Premier League clubs have urged the UK government to stick to its proposal of allowing fans to return to stadiums from 1 October.

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The government has restricted pilot events to 1,000 spectators and is reviewing its initial target date of when more fans could attend venues.

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The move followed a rise in coronavirus cases in parts of the country.


The Premier League met with clubs on Thursday and ensured stadiums “will be among the safest public places”.

“Clubs will adopt a range of common standards, which will help deliver bio-secure, safe environments for fans across the League,” the Premier League said.

“Taking into account the high safety standards which will be set by the Premier League in conjunction with the relevant public authorities, the League and clubs urge Government to remain committed to the 1 October date for the controlled return of fans to sporting venues.”

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