Breaking: Apc Suffers another blow as Tribunal sacks Federal Law maker over Certificate Forgery

Barely few days after the ruling All Progressive congress lost a seat in Edo State, it has once again lost another seat in the Federal House of Representatives for forgery of a certificate.

The sacked Lawmaker, Kasim Danjuma who represented Magama/Rijau Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives and had submitted a forged document which made him ineligible to contest the by-election.

His opponent, Emma Alamu of the People Democracy Party, has provided the Tribunal with evidence that Danjuma had presented a fake age declaration certificate and primary school certificate to INEC for Clearance.

Mr. Mohay Ndayako the counsel to the petitioner asked the Tribunal to remove Danjuma and install his client.

The three-man Tribunal headed by Justice B Zubairu upheld the petition and declared Danjuma ‘s Victory null and void, as the petitioner prove that Danjuma presented forged documents to INEC.

Danjuma’s election was annulled an INEC was advised to conduct a fresh election in the Constituency within 90 days.

This is sad for the APC as there have faced several challenges within a very short period of time.

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