Living Faith To Build 100,000 Capacity ‘Ark’ Auditorium, 20-Storey Tower (Pix)


Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide has finally announced the long awaited mega church auditorium project to be carried out by the Church. He also announced the construction of a new Faith Academy which he stated would match any university in Nigeria in standards.

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According to Bishop David Oyedepo a few minutes ago, he stated:

“We are commencing the 100,000 Capacity Ark Project very soon.
A new campus for Faith academy.
The students are resuming there tomorrow
A multi billion project
It (Faith Academy) will match any campus of any university in Nigeria”.


Church Gist had earlier reported that the project which had been delayed for a few years would be announced at Shiloh 2020, however Bishop chose to announce it unceremoniously today. The project is however already an open secret at Canaanland, Headquarters of the Living Faith Church.

Church Gist can authoritatively tell you that the project which according to the Bishop involves the demolition of the old Faith Academy as well as Word of Faith Bible Institute among other facilities will also include the transformation of 50,000 capacity (former largest world auditorium) Faith Tabernacle into an overflow facility while a 20 storey tower will also be constructed as the headquarters of the Church.


The 20 floor tower is to replace the initially planned 12 floor building which was to have been built with the initial Faith Theatre Project in 2015. The Living Faith Church had in the mid 90s constructed an 8 tower headquarter facility at the Raji Oba, Lagos Church known as Capernaum as well as a 5 storey tower at the cradle of the Church known as Garden of Faith, Barnawa, Kaduna.

The Living Faith Church (World Mission Agency) owned Covenant University also has an 8 storey tower Senate Building as well as another 8 floor research building known as CUCRID or the Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery.

No offering for the project will be raised for the massive project as the money said to be in tens of billions of naira had already been put aside after it was announced at Shiloh 2015 and committed worshippers gave towards it.


Church Gist will supply pictures and other information on the Legacy Project very soon and as at when due.

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