#EndSARS: Elderly Woman Slapped By Police For Pointing At A Police Station

An elderly woman was slapped by police officers today in front of a police station in the heat of the end SARS protest, TrustFunds Reports.

In a video shared online as Obtained By TrustFunds, the woman is seen lamenting and promising to take the case up after she was slapped.

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The slap left her with a red swollen cheek. She explained that the only thing she did was point at a police station and she was slapped for it, TrustFunds Reports.

“What did I do wrong? I’m a Nigerian. I’m a free citizen. I have the right to point to police station. I am not a criminal,” the elderly woman said in the video.


She added in Yoruba: “He now slapped me unjustly, just like that? And he expects to go free? Will he?”

The woman’s daughter shared the video online and wrote: “What did she do! Why would you slap my mum!”


She did not state the location where it happened.

Twitter users have expressed outrage while cursing the officer responsible.


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