Christmas: Chicken May Sell For N10,000 – Poultry Farmers Raise Alarm

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has warned that if some urgent steps are not taken by the federal government, the cost of chicken during the yuletide might be as high as N10,000 per unit

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The association, in a press release made available to Blueprint stated that with the increase in feed prices especially soya beans and soya bean meal, the prices of eggs and chickens might go out of reach of many Nigerians.

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The Chairperson of PAN, Ogun state Chapter, Blessing Alawode further requested the federal government to save Nigerian poultry industry from imminent collapse which the industry now faces as a result of unabated rising in the prices of bird feeds and concentrates used to feed chickens.


She explained that the feed inputs such as soya beans are going out of reach of an average poultry farmer with the price of the commodity now increased from N115,000 that was sold per ton in August to N215,000 in November, 2020, representing an increase of 86.95% within a four-month period.

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