Man Writes Church, Asks For Refund Of Offerings He Gave From 1998 To 2017 (Pix)

Man Writes Church To Ask For Refund Of Offerings He Gave From 1998 To 2017 (Photo)

A man has written a letter to his church, demanding a refund of all the offerings he contributed to the church for the 19 years he attended the church, TrustFunds reports.

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Dishon Kinyanjui Kinuthia, a Kenyan Christian, took to Twitter to share the letter he wrote to his church while warning that there will be consequences if he doesn’t get a refund.

Dishon, who used to attend Revival Mission Church, Kabete, in Nairobi, said he was a member from 1997 to 2018 when he left the church.


He asked that the church refunds the sum of 58,000 KES which is his estimate of his contribution to the church over two decades.

He said the contributions he made to the church were not “voluntary” but was done under “undue influence, duress, and intimidation.”


He asked the church to deposit the money in his account on or before November 31, 2020, or he will start legal proceedings.

SISIONKE_MD shared the letter on Twitter with the caption:

“A letter demanding a refund of church offerings contributed from 1998 to 2017 = 58 000 KES (R8549. 05)

*As Received”

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