EndSARS: DJ Cuppy Is Not Protesting Because She Is On Self-Isolation

TrustFunds reports that Celebrity disc jockey DJ Cuppy on Monday said she is unable to join the #EndSARS protest since her return from Dubai because she has to self-isolate for at least seven days.

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“After rushing to fly back home; wandering why you haven’t seen me out protesting? …Since arriving in Lagos ‘THEY’ have warned that I MUST self-isolate for 7 days due to Nigerian #COVID19 laws or face prosecution!” she tweeted.

“I’m really frustrated and feel locked at home but my heart is still in the right place… #SarsMustEnd.”


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The 27-year-old got back to the country from Dubai on Sunday to give her support to the #EndSARS protests which have persisted despite the dissolution of SARS.


Cuppy told a curious fan that Davido who joined the #EndSARS protest in Abuja on Sunday on return from Ghana probably flew in with a private jet and did not need isolation.


“Sis, everybody’s circumstance is different, I have personally been warned of possible prosecution… Besides; I flew commercial from Dubai and @Davido probably flew private. More importantly sha… #SarsMustEnd,” she said.

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