Comfort Konadu: Ghanaian Cleaner Who Was Arrested In Manchester For Spending Money She Received In Her Account By Mistake Speaks I

Comfort Konadu, a Ghanaian cleaner who was allegedly arrested for spending 24hrs out of £90,000 she mistakenly received breaks silence and narrates what actually happened.

In an interview with Kofi Tv monitored by , she debunked some rumors in her trending story and told her ordeal as she speaks for the first time

According to Comfort Konadu, she shops around various markets in London and it’s environs and bring them to Ghana to sell to market women and men.


One day she purchased some goods and found spoilt ones mixed with the good ones and sent them back to where she purchased them but she was asked to take either similar ones or same to replace the spoilt one, s however, she was left with her balance and they requested to send it to her account later.


Prior to that, Comfort Konadu indicated that she was expecting her fellow Ghanaian to send her 9000 which was similar to her refund from the company she shopped from, however, she saw the money that was mistakenly sent to her account as 9000 not 90000, thinking it was the one her Ghanaian friend had promised to send her and her Judge is a witness of what she said.


Comfort Konadu again revealed that after she later realized her money had increased unknowingly she acted fast by calling her bank to rectify how that could be possible. She further said he bankers told her she had mistakenly received money from a Charity company.


According to her, she was invited by the police for interrogation but she spent few hours with the police and proceeded to her workplace.


Comfort Konadu narrated how the account of her son was freezed after she told the police she had transferred some money to him but the police referred to the act as fraud.


Comfort Konadu detailed that this case happened in October last year but due to their investigations over the case it has prolonged till now.


Comfort Konadu has revealed that she printed her bank statements and that of her son to the police for them to know the money that was mistakenly sent to her is with the bank and not with her.

Comfort Konadu, a Ghanaian cleaner man u


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